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We take your e-store to your buyers’ phones with user-friendly e-commerce app.

Enterprise Apps

Enhance your staff efficiency & streamline your business operations with our Enterprise apps

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Increase the customer retention with our 2D & 3D gaming applications.

Utility Apps

Customized utility applications for easy monetization of your business operations.

Cutting Edge Android App Development Services

Android apps developed to cope up with modern business environment packed with industry’s latest trending features and functionality necessary to help you compete and win.


Conception & Design

Out of the box ideas are brainstormed keeping in view the customer’s specific requirements and best ideas are put on the table for further designing. End user is the focal point of our design which ensures high user engagement and satisfaction levels.


App Lifecycle

Right from the app launch to the stages of growth, everything is carefully monitored so that we make sure our app is on the tract to success.



This is where our designs start to shape up in to an app that is loaded with all of the functionality required to get the job done. Flexibility and scalability is infused at this stage so that our apps can be modified as per the changing business needs.


QA Testing and Analytics

Strong testing measure are put in place in order to pin point issues that needs to be fixed making our apps flawless and reliable. Metrics are critically analyzed to take in to account important findings which effect users and improvements are made on the spot for improved user experience.

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Our expert team is best at utilizing latest technology to offer high performance apps which are graded high on reliability and flexibility. We aim to help you in the quest of smooth and high performing business which reflects high return on your investments.

Android Application Development

Android has become a renowned computing platform. The first commercial version of Android was hit at the market by 2008 in the form of a mobile phone platform. Looking at Android’s phantom of capabilities, it would be easy to perplex it with a desktop operating version. Android has been a layered environment. Android, as per the durations, “paid its dues,” so to speak, in the smartphone market for the past decade. Android’s unprecedented success has helped push BlackBerry into a variant set of offerings. Android has effectively become the world’s most popular operating system by different number of measures in the latest 10 years.

As Android has matured, it is finding its way into a variety of devices, including televisions, projectors, automobiles, and even recreational vehicles. Do want to dim the lights in your camper or want to activate the awning? If yes, then you can use the Android-based touchscreen interface to manipulate the controls. Or, use your smartphone equipped with Bluetooth to communicate with the RV’s Android-based control system. There different interfaces available in market through which you can easily select yours. Some user experiences are simply fantastic while some are less than fantastic.

eCommerce Application:

With the advent of modern technology, android application has taken over the world by storm. Different leading brands has been up with their businesses through online application services. To help professional people in building their domain, we offer friendly and customized services. Building a good application for your customers should not be a boring thing. Customize the applications according to your theme to WOW them. The advantage that comes with app is that, it converts more customers than any of your websites. Through application development different revenues are opened for you so that you can build deeper relations with your consumers.

How Your Application Is Built With Us?

  • Customers can easily sync the company’s catalog by entering the Shopify credentials.
  • Its better for the consumers if your products are characterized in different categories and groups.
  • Make product discovery more feasible and easier for the shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for.
  • Through the extensive branding and layout options, you’ll be able to pick the perfect brand option for your apps.

Unlike other Ecommerce app development platforms out there, you can build a fully featured app by leveraging the hundreds of other features available on our platform. Push notifications are the most effective tool to promote and generate additional sales by making sure your message is read by many purchasers. Customers are 10x more likely to read a Push Notification then a certain email send to them.

Game Applications:

  • Gaming has become the latest source of entertainment for many youngsters and adulteries. To relax themselves out of daily stressful routines they need something good and light hearted. Through android game development many companies are now providing their bits in the field. We as Diginers, offers the right medium for you to build your customized gaming application.

How A Gaming Application Is Build?

  • Your application is built through three procures:
    Develop:Building a gaming application comes with different sets of ideas and creativities. There are different factors such as building your game in unity, securing the customer’s privacy, seamless sign up, accessing the sensitive information, and developing game for the screens.
  • Optimize:To make your application work efficiently we deeply seat the optimizing tools. To prepare your application for debugging and optimizing Android games, get an easy access to the tools that will help you analyze CPU usage and graphics calls.
  • Launch After building up your customized game application you either launch it on Google Play Store or on Android App Bundle. Different options are available with which you can easily build the users out of your application.

Enterprise Application:

  • At the heart of Enterprise Application, it is the creation of a core system whereby the organization can run cohesively for maximum efficiency and productivity. It binds together the activities and functionality of each department (and employee), on a software platform modified for the business operation as a whole.  Building an Enterprise application is a deep and complex process, it has to be component and mission-based for each situation. It’s made up of a group of programs with shared applications categorized by their functioning and development with reference to the particular company. For running a smooth business, it has been the most crucial tool for IT development of nay company.There are various processes governed by Enterprise Applications. Individual systems, however, will vary in terms of what processes are drawn together into this wide-ranging management tool.

How Your Services Are Procured?

  • While building the most precious enterprise application for your business different points are kept in mind. It’s the responsibility of Enterprise Application to give the various sources to purchasers depending on their management tools. We offer:
  • Billing and Accounting:It’s the necessary part of building up your application. To keep the lifeblood saving of company in tact billing and accounting is the crucial part to play with.
  • Business Intelligence:While running a business, a good predictive analysis is needed to identify the mere weaknesses and strengths for your business dealings.Customer Relation Management:Business runs through the assets and too keep the most precious asset- Customers happy is the main task. Building your application through this data allows you to retrieve your information, customer dealing and their history for a longer period of time.

    Database Management:

    In dealing with your personal critical information a center point is needed. All the database information regarding your application is stored in the master that can be used for further management.

    Supply Chain Management:

    A business is only as good as the materials supplied to it and the distribution of its product. Though there are many functions before and after delivering your products on time, and distributing through great management is must.

    Backup Software:

    Running an errand through great finesse is only possible when you are doing it properly. This system building application allows you to make a safe backup for your databases, files and even the entire computer. The information gathered in the backup is the basic ordeal for your help.

    Diginers are concentrated with their ideas and managements skills. We are passionate in reducing the excessive timing on repetitive functioning. The results as your enterprise activities is improved and as a result greater security and advanced features are given.

    Utility Applications: